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Default Tristan Kyffin

Tristan Kyffin


[OOC Information]

Your Name: Random
RP Experience: 10 Years
Your Character's Player Base: Scott Eastwood


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Tristan Kyffin
Character Age: 25
Gender: Male
Birthday (including year): February 3rd
Home Castle/City: Forsilvra
House [Birth and Marriage if applicable]: Kyffin



Tristan could easily be described as a strange or unconventional man. He certainly makes for an unconventional Horn, especially considering the exemplars his predecessors Geoffrey Taener and Victor Goddart were. He is a skilled, studious, and devoted individual. That said, Tristan is not afraid to approach problems in a way that most other people wouldn’t even consider. As a guard and protector he is just as likely to be found missing from his post as he is to be found at it. However, even when not visibly where he is supposed to be he will still be there, watching from somewhere unexpected, alert as ever. Of all the Horns, he is probably the least likely to be seen but also the most likely to be watching you at any given time.

He possesses a keen analytical mind and has inherited his father’s knack for plotting and scheming. Tristan’s relationship with his father was never the warmest and Tristan had always done his best to resist his father’s ambitious nature. As such, Tristan is more prone to using the scheming ability that his father taught him to plan ahead, think, and analyse. He uses everything he knows in an attempt to be more than a simple bodyguard. He is confident and self-assured as both a fighter and a thinker. Combining all these traits together may not result in the best attitude for the most junior member of the Horns.

Overall, he is fun loving, approachable and knowledgeable. He is perhaps not a chivalrous or noble as he could be, but more often than not he is even-handed and gentle to people no matter their station. He is used to being away from castles and cities and has a certain earthy wildness to him. He is not naive, nor is he ignorant of customs and traditions, his father would have never allowed for that. Instead Tristan is somewhat of a chameleon, able to be the noble protector one moment and a roguish ranger the next. He uses both sets skills to his advantage when fulfilling his duty.



Tristan is a man who was born with a severe handicap. He was born with Rhisiart Kyffin as a father. Much of Tristan’s early years in Weallan can only be defined by what his father was forcing him to learn at the time. There was never and there remains no doubt in Tristan’s mind that his father certainly valued his eldest and first born son. However, being valued is not the same as being loved.

Rhisiart was always a man with a mixed reputation. He could be conniving and manipulative, but he was also effective and basically honourable in his machinations. To any other person it was possible to see Rhisiart for the mixed bag that he was. For Tristan, constantly under his father’s foot and thumb, it was hard to ever see much of the good. There was no doubt about it, Tristan was a tool, being sharpened and honed from a very early age. Even as a child Tristan did whatever he could to be away from his father and, by extension, the rest of his family. He often retreated into the wilderness when he could and took to exploring or playing with animals. He was particularly fond of making believe he was a squirrel.

Tristan took to outdoor activities and martial training mostly because he knew that it would keep him away from his father. His father was no trainer so it was the one subject that his father did not have quite so much of a hand in. As he grew older and Tristan was allowed less time for play and games, he turned to training as the place where he could get the briefest taste of freedom. His father allowed it, a fine soldier would make for a fine son, and such could only serve to increase his own prestige. Rhisiart may have trained his son too well and created a creature that could best him. When Rhisiart convinced Geoffrey Taener to take Tristan as a squire at the age of 13 he did not realise just how much of the seeds for that idea had been planted there by his son. Tristan was taken away from Weallan and it was wonderful.

Tristan proved to be a good squire and an equally willing learner. Tristan was aware that failing as a squire would likely mean being returned to his father. Heading home a failure might possibly have been the only fate worse than constantly being pushed to succeed. It seemed that the phantom of his father continued to push Tristan even when he was well beyond his reach. His skill and hardworking nature led to Tristan being singled out for Horn status one day. So began a life of near constant testing and training. To Tristan it was the ideal future, one that would firmly remove him from his family pecking order.

As much as he wanted his freedom and was glad to be away from home, it still hurt immensely when the plague claimed the life of his mother, younger brother, aunt, and uncle. Tristan was thankful to be far away and working towards his knighthood so that he did not have to experience his father taking the reins of the Kyffin house; all under the guise of helping the recently orphaned Bryn.

As an adult, Tristan parted ways with Sir Geoffrey, but remained marked as a potential Horn. Tristan travelled the tourney circuit, doing his best to maintain his skills and constantly prove his worth. He was a fine archer and easily won many archery contests. The second victory required for his Horn contention was harder to come by. He never seemed to have much luck in the jousts and was narrowly bested with the sword on several occasions. He finally won his second main title in a particularly brutal tournament in Ahestere. Officially he had won the melee armed with a flail. He had been disarmed early though. He went through several other discarded or broken weapons and used them all capably. He bested his final opponent in what roughly amounted to a bareknuckle brawl that is still spoken about in certain circles to this day. Regardless of how he had done it, Tristan was officially qualified. In the event of Geoffrey Taener’s death or retirement, Tristan would be in contention to become the next Horn of the Iron Bow.

As it was, Geoffrey Taener did die in service to the king. He named his successor there on the battlefield in the form of veteran knight Victor Goddart. It seemed that Tristan’s opportunity had passed. Tristan, realising that he could not wait forever for another opportunity to arise went home and began on other plans. Much to everybody’s surprise, Sir Victor suddenly fell ill and died, leaving his seat vacant, this time, with no named successor. At the king’s request Tysilio Faerald announced a tournament for all of Geoffrey Taener’s chosen to take part in. A tournament that Tristan won.


[Writing Sample]

Tristan stood statuesque. His breathing was short and shallow. His arm was drawn back and tensed. The bow that he held was aimed and ready. The arrow between his fingers was nocked and the stiff white fletching was pressed down slightly by the sides of his fingers. His stood there for a long while. His arm ached from the effort of holding a longbow drawn back for so long. Most men would be unable to draw it at all, much less draw it and hold it. A short distance away was a deer. It was not looking towards him. Tristan got the distinct feeling that it knew he was there anyway.

“What are you waiting for Tristan?” Asked Beihn, his traveling companion. His voice was low, barely a whisper. Even in a forest full of life it felt loud enough to break ice.
“It’s a big one.” Tristan mused. “How are our supplies?”
“They’d be a lot better off with that stag included.” Beihn replied.
“We have enough food for tonight though, don’t we?” Tristan said.
“Well yes. But what about tomorrow? That thing could feed us both for days. We’d still be eating venison half way into the tournament.”
“If we need it tomorrow, we can find it tomorrow. We don’t need it today.”
“Come on, just to be safe. You can’t be certain you’ll find a deer like that tomorrow.”
Tristan cocked his head to the side a little as if conceding a point. “Only because people like you killed all the deer like that today. It would be wasteful. We don’t need it, Beihn.” Tristan insisted, slowly releasing the tension of his bow. He slung it over his shoulder and slowly returned his arrow to the quiver at his belt.

Beihn looked at Tristan with amazement and then began looking between his friend and the deer. Tristan turned his back and began to walk quietly away. Meanwhile Beihn hurriedly unslung his bow and hastily reached for the quiver on his back. He groped for a few moments but soon realised that his arrows were missing. In the distance, Tristan continued to walk away, a handful of arrows held above his head. “Looking for something?” He shouted. At the sound of his booming voice, the deer jumped and vanished into the underbrush.


[Timeline of Events]


Year 216: Tristan Kyffin is born to Rhisiart Kyffin and Audrey Harcourt
Year 229: Tristan becomes one of Geoffrey Taener’s selected squires
Year 234: Audrey Harcourt and Talfryn Kyffin die of the plague, in the same year Tristan is knighted and wins his first archery tournament.
Year 239: After many years of failure Tristan finally wins a second non-archery title
Year 241: Geoffrey Taener dies in battle, Victor Goddart dies of illness, and Tristan wins the tournament to decide their successor as Horn

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