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Default [05.0] History of Forsilvra

In the past, the kingdoms that make up Forsilvra were five separate. With their own rich histories, peoples and cultures, the kingdoms warred - with each other, with those externally, within themselves. Then a foreign kingdom known as the Linchao Republic invaded the kingdom of Lacharn and established themselves firmly in Forsilvra. They brought with them new ideas and new ways of ruling the people, that many in Forsilvra found too foreign for their tastes. But the other kingdoms left the island nation of Lacharn to her invaders, and continued on with their own internal dealings.

Two hundred years passed, and the Linchao was ready to expand again. With their foothold built up stronger over the last two centuries, they were ready for a full scale invasion of all the kingdoms around them. Their attack was swift and they launched forces into Caelain, The Vandermark and Ahestere. Their successes were many and within the first year of fighting it was clear to many that Linchao would likely succeed.

Failure was not an option, however, for a man named Jondé Fontenot, Lord of the Demere on the island Caelain and one of the most loyal to the Faerald ruler. Jondé went to the Lords of the Arbrecht and convinced them to join with Caelain, first to free the Vandermark and raise more troops, and then to defeat the Linchao in Ahestere and Caelain. All went to plan, and eventually, with the aid of the The Five Heroes, who would eventually become the first Horns of the King, even Lacharn was freed and the Linchao were drive out.

Fearful that apart they might be vulnerable to the same attack, the kingdoms raised Jondé Fontenot to King over the Five, and established a capital in the heart of the kingdom on the previously uninhabited isle of Forsilvra. The Castle, Licorn, was raised, a council eventually established, and rule and power slowly shifted from the kingdoms to the capital. The alliance between all worked, and what struggles existed were mostly internal to each province.

Then the plague came. Hitting first in the north and spreading over time to the south, Turpis Morbi took ten years and many lives before she passed out of Forsilvra. The Kingdom is still recovering from the wake of death, and alliances that were once solid now sit on shaky ground. The outside world has noticed as well, and has been preparing against such a weakened kingdom, for Forsilvra is a rich and prosperous kingdom.

Can the young king who now sits the throne hold it together? Will the provinces erupt in fighting, or can they remain solid against outside threats? What direction will the kingdom take and who might become the next queen? Find out as you join the journey that is Forsilvra: Winds of Change!

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