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Default Montrose, Mairwen Kyffin



[OOC Information]

Your Name: Dara
RP Experience: 10 years
Your Character's Player Base: Rachel Hurd Wood


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Mairwen Kyffin Montrose
Character Age: 19
Gender: Female
Birthday (including year): 8 April 222
Home Castle/City: Maldenham, Arbrecht, born in Weallan, Caelain
House [Birth and Marriage if applicable]: Kyffin ( birth ), Montrose ( marriage )



The stand-out of her siblings with red hair and blue eyes, Mairwen is of average height and weight. She wears the green of Weallan or the red and gold of Montrose, preferring the bright colors that display her fair skin, vibrant hair and eyes best. She likes to dress in gowns of fine fabrics, cut to display a rather good figure. Wealth agrees with her very much!



Mairwen is a curious blend of Kyffin and Alysworth , the red sheep of the Kyffins rather than the black. While she has the unshakeable loyalty and love for the Kyffin family, she wants more – far more – than life on Caelain and the family keep. Encouraged in this by her uncle Rhisiart, she saw no reason to deny her Alysworth heritage, developing it on the sly under his tutelage.

Blessed with fiery auburn hair and penetrating blue eyes, she is a keenly intelligent young woman, perceptive to a fault, calculating, quick of wit and sly of humour. Mairwen sees no reason why she should be shy, retiring and demure when she is a capable, strong and direct woman, albeit masked under genteel manners.
- taken from previous profile, written by Mariska

Mairwen was raised to aid her husband in running a house, bolstering his good name, keeping the servants in line, and generally being an exemplary noblewoman. She’s quite good at acting the role. However, she’s far too bright to simply fall into her role and be subsumed by her marriage and new life in house Montrose. Mairwen has a head for business and diplomacy, and an efficacy for easing tensions and diffusing heated situations. Despite being fully overqualified for a position as just another noblewoman, Mairwen plies her abilities for the good of her new house and her husband rather than chafing under her position.
- taken from previous profile, written by David

Her marriage has changed Mairwen in some ways. Being around the Montroses has taught her to hide emotions under a lovely, icy mask. She controls herself far more rigidly then she ever did in Weallan, but there is distance now between her and the world, especially her husband, now that she has learned the truth. Lies have become her truth, and now she is caught. There is guilt in her for what happened, though she was not truly a party to it. She misses her family and her home, but the die has been cast.

Acceptance is a bitter lesson to learn, but she also knows that time can bring healing and that sometimes, things that look and feel like mistakes sometimes come out to be the best thing possible. She does not hold any more girlish, foolish dreams about love, but power and influence, those can be achieved. Forgiveness will take more work, she knows. Mairwen is not afraid of hard work. Deep down, she is still very Caelish and always will be, no matter that her name is Montrose now. Maybe those Caelish traits will show to best effect in Arbrecht when she is Lady of the Green.



Born the fourth child of the House under its Lord Rhyderrch and his Lady Adabel, Mairwen was as unemotional as her sister Tegan was a spitfire. Never openly defiant or disrespectful, neither was she particularly a sunny, sweet or adorable child. Always watchful, she seemed driven to excel in every possible way, to reach the pinnacle of perfection despite (or perhaps in spite) of her wild-child older sister.

Where Tegan and the twins were rebellious, adventurous and freedom-seeking, Mairwen seldom stirred from the keep except under the correct conditions and with the blessing of her parents. Quiet more often than not as a child, she submitted to the teachings of both mother and father, learning not only the household arts but the skills of self-defence and survival so crucial to life on Caelain. Able to wield a sword and a needle in equal measure, there was something in her that understood her sister’s need to go forth and do; Mairwen silently covered for her siblings, performing the tasks that were theirs without being asked to ensure they received as little strife for their antics as possible.

Unlike her siblings, however, she did not embrace the hard life on Caelain. The near-constant need for vigilance against the Cemric raiders grated on her already limited patience, and the desire for more went from a simmer to a boil, the moreso when her father was killed, her brother Morien seriously wounded during yet another raid by the treasonous Cemrics. She did not accept her father’s death with her usual composure but let loose a torrent of fury and grief that threatened to consume her until Rhisiart intervened.

It was he who recognized the spark in Mairwen that he needed to further the Kyffin cause off Caelain, distracting her from her brush with insanity by instructing her in the skills necessary to survive at Court and encouraging her in the development of the ways displayed by the Great Ladies. Done in secret, Rhisiart recognized in the young auburn-haired Kyffin his ideal protégée and pawn… until the plague struck.

Though Mairwen never fell ill herself, she was deeply affected by the loss of her brothers Faolan and Rhys, but most of all, her mother. Keenly feeling helpless to stop the loss of life or help Morien, feeling bereft of Adabel’s guidance, the fourth child of the House changed as well. Tegan grew more serious and responsible. Bryn, more lordly and commanding. They had each other; neither needed her. And Morien closed in on himself, withdrawing. The little girls were gone, sent to safety. She understood now more than ever that she was alone.

When Rhisiart presented the opportunity to leave via marriage to Bruce Montrose, Mairwen accepted with equal parts relief and eagerness. Here was her chance to leave Caelain and perhaps finally do something to improve the lives of her siblings.
- taken from previous profile, written by Mariska

It was not the best way she could have left Weallan, taking a man who preferred her sister over her. Mairwen did not truly realize what she had done until it was too late and she was bound to Bruce Montrose as his wife. He was indifferent to her, but they learned to cooperate and work together to improve Maldenham. The wounds he received in protecting the King while visiting Arbrecht have changed him in some ways, though they have not brought husband and wife any closer than respect and a kind of partnership.

Mairwen has recently begun to reach out to her family to try and reconnect. Being married to the future Lord of Maldenham has brought her wealth and advantages that she hopes to share with her brothers and sisters. That had been her original plan when she agreed to the marriage. There is a lot of tension that goes unresolved between Tegan and Bruce and herself. With war in Arbrecht, Mairwen has returned to Weallan as a safe place until the conflicts are over. It is a chance to finally tear through the tensions and settle things with her sister, and to see what she can do for the place where she was born and raised. Maybe it is the child growing in her womb that is making her sentimental.


[Writing Sample]

Strange to be back in Weallan... I never thought I would come back. Or want to.

A hand rested on the slowly growing bulge that was the child as she stood on the bridge that led to her childhood home. Mairwen didn't feel like a Kyffin and hadn't in years, but she also wasn't a Montrose. If she was honest with herself, she didn't know who or what she was. It was an odd time and place for an identity crisis but impending mother-hood had made her thoughtful. The gown she wore was comfortable and cut with a high waist to better make room for her pregnancy but the red hair was arranged as elegantly as any lady at Castle Licorn. That much she had learned from Kenna, Nessa and Ailis Montrose.

She wasn't any closer to the Montrose ladies than she was her own sisters any more, but she hoped to change that. Not so worried about Arlais and Aeronwy, the real challenge was going to be Tegan. So much time had passed since that fateful time where things hadn't gone as anyone had planned. The irony was, Mairwen felt like she might have saved her sister from misery. Life with Bruce wasn't exactly easy, and neither was life in the Green for a Caelish-born.

Tegan wouldn't see it that way, she was sure, but life wasn't a bowl of gilded cherries for the middle Kyffin child. She intended to do better for her child, one way or another.


[Timeline of Events]


YEAR 214: Rhys Kyffin, heir to the Weallan, is born.
YEAR 215: Bryn Kyffin is born.
YEAR 219: Tegan Kyffin is born.
YEAR 221: Mairwen is born.
YEARS 222 – 225: Morien, Faolan, Rhonwen, and Aeronwy Kyffin, younger siblings, are born.
YEAR 233: Prince Owyn of Dun Eamrath reneges on his fealty to the Faeralds and begins a more violent campaign; attacks on Weallan become frequent.
YEAR 235: Lord Faerald arrives in Cemria, forces the Cemric princedoms to swear fealty, but this is ineffective in halting the attacks by Prince Owyn on Weallan.
YEAR 238: Rhyderrch Kyffin is killed in a Cemric raid; in the same raid Morien is gravely injured. Rhys becomes banner lord. Mairwen is instructed in court matters by Rhisiart as a means of coping with her grief.
YEAR 239: Faolan Kyffin dies, followed by Mairwen's mother Adabel, and finally Rhys - all by the plague. Following Rhys' death, Bryn becomes banner lord, Tegan stands as Lady of the House.
YEAR 240: Under the influence of his uncle Rhisiart, Bryn agrees to allow Mairwen to wed Bruce Montrose, taking her out of Caelain.
YEAR 240: Prince Owyn again reneges on his fealty to the Faeralds. Raids continue.
YEAR 241: Mairwen departs for Court with her husband, then returns to Maldenham. Bruce is injured protecting the King. Corbin Blanchard is revealed as alive and begins his war to retake Arbrecht. War breaks out and Montrose sides with Blanchard, but Bruce must remain behind due to his wounds. Mairwen is sent to Caelain for safety [?]
September/October: The war rages on but comes to an end with the fall of Westerland and the capture of Elanor Fitzwulf. Mairwen is still in Weallan, working on repairing things with her siblings.



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