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Default [3.1] DRAFT: Dyos


Hold: Dyos
Province: Lacharn
Government: House Merrick
Religion: Quintism

House Merrick

About Dyos

One of the oldest Houses in Lacharn, Dyos was established before the Linchao invaded its shores and stood fast against the waves of resistance they brought. As supporters of the Prothero when that family rose to prominence as Province Lords, they received the role of banner lord, changing their sigil from a sun to the black cat that has been on the banner for years. There is a rumor that the lord who changed it did so to honor his personal pet, a sleek black cat, but no one knows for sure.

The castle of Cat's Cradle is set on an eyot on the shore, a symbol of strength and endurance no matter what tides and storms bring, and the city spreads from there into welcoming harbors, clean, straight streets and open squares. At the insistence of the often eccentric banner lords, the city is kept impeccably clean, public gardens maintained and fountains run clear; while Dyos is fond of a good party, the people are proud of their city and prefer to put its best face forward at all times.

Dyos is a colorful city, its roofs tiled in hues of red, blue, brown and black to crown neutral-hued walls. Multi-storeyed buildings are common, housing extended families and pets. Each house holds a central courtyard as a gathering place for the families, rooms exiting onto open-air corridors. Often, brightly colored lanterns burn at night, serving as beacons of welcome and cheerfulness.


Social Customs





The city of Dyos is home to the Kingdom's paper and printing industry, producing some of the finest printed works in the Kingdom. For generations, the Merricks have savored the printed word, developing new techniques and methods to improve efficiency and speed. These techniques have contributed to making Dyos and House Merrick one of the wealthiest houses in Lacharn, and the secrets are closely guarded by the Merrick family.

Innovations in progress for the future are a faster means of refining paper to replace the more expensive parchment, printing directly onto fabric to create patterns, and improving binding techniques to make books more durable, lasting longer.

A secondary industry in Dyos is illumination, the art of adding paint and color to ink drawings to create illustrations for books and proclamations. The pigments and paints used are a new innovation, one that the current Lord of Dyos is extremely proud of.



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