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[OOC Information]

Your Name: Friday
RP Experience: 8 years, two lightyears
Your Character's Player Base: Victor Garber


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Octavius de Valle
Character Age: 51
Gender: Male
Birthday (including year): October 1st, 191
Home Castle/City: Goldenmoore
House [Birth and Marriage if applicable]: de Valle


[House Information]

Banner Appearance: (above)
House Words: Steady As The Tide
Castle Name: White Wall
Original Castle Name: “The Swallow’s Nest” Photo Vyacheslav Stepanyuchenko

House Description: House de Valle is one of the oldest lineages in the Vandermark, second only to the DeLauncey family, its first patriarch a fellow clansman of Nathius DeLauncey. Having landed on the island of the Mark at the same time, Adolphus Finn and the few of his remaining tribe took the coastline of Goldenmoore, attached to the rocky coast and crashing waves that reminded them so much of their former land. Adolphus Finn was already a situated leader of his minor tribe, but chose to abandon his surname upon arrival to the Vandermark, adopting the name 'de Valle' meaning 'of the Wall' to espouse his love for the jagged bluffs of Goldenmoore and his abandoning of the shackles of the old world. Trade and fishing are the primary sources of income for those who inhabit the city of Goldenmoore, with a minor profit from tourism, for those who wish to see the famed cliffside. The de Valle's follow the Old Religion, but the city has it's fair share of dividing religious sects. Goldenmoore does not enjoy the same level of activity as other port cities, but it is a popular venue for the spring festivals, and boasts some of it's own regional celebrations.

House de Valle is known far and wide for the strong, abundant golden-haired gene, and many a myth has arisen of the origin of the honey-toned tresses they sport. Family members are typically tall and slender, with soft, pale features, and the propensity to produce women. As such, it has not been unknown for a man of another House to take over the position as patriarch of House de Valle, through marriage to an eldest daughter, if there is a lack of a male heir. As such, de Valle has a tendency to trace their lineage through the women, rather than the men. de Valles are known for their unwavering loyalty, stalwart principles and unique musical talents.



Standing at 6'0", Octavius de Valle is a strong specimen of a man. Broad of shoulder and thick of build, in his youth Octavius was a dashing young man, assuredly the most handsome of all his brothers. Older now, Octavius still has a thick head of hair that has prematurely streaked white -- the result, he has always said, of raising seven daughters. His appearance is always crisp, with finely pressed garments and a shaven face. But such a gathered image is always paired with a warm smile and striking blue eyes, the lines around his mouth belying the joy Octavius de Valle has found in his life. He has certainly aged well -- or so his wife has always told him.



If one inquired as to the true definition of a gentlemen, one would have to look no further than Octavius de Valle. Never has there been a man of a gentler heart and more strong of character than Octavius de Valle -- and these would prove to be simultaneously his best and most incriminating qualities. From a young age, Octavius was considered the 'sweet' child; friendly and out-going, a victor for the weak, Octavius' emotions have always gotten the best of him. He is prone to asking himself what the right and noble thing is to do, not privy to fits of cruelty or lofty superiority; knights from storybooks could surely take a page from Octavius' own tome. Especially since becoming a father, he is quick with a joke and a comforting embrace, often swept up in the melodramas of his daughters, trying to maintain his patriarch position and failing to their whims. He is singularly devoted to his wife Idabel and his family; the de Valle's have always been a tight knit brood, regardless of their large numbers, and he takes pride in each and every child.



Octavius de Valle was born the first child and son to his father, Emrik de Valle and his mother, Gisele Fleurant. As one might expect the birth of a son, Octavius' parents derived great joy from his entrance into the world -- and that air of importance, of jubilation, would assuredly follow him the rest of his life.

His childhood was unremarkable; full of the typical triumphs and woes a young boy might accrue as the heir to a banner-seat and surrounded by his various siblings. Octavius grew up alongside his brother, Tertius, and their two younger sisters, Anona and Elettra. Theirs was a happy life together; the de Valle family had always been close-knit, and Octavius and his younger siblings were no different. As the leader of their small group, Octavius put it upon himself to shepherd his younger siblings as they all began to grow, always one to lend a shoulder in times of crisis or an ear for their troubles. He took it particularly hard as his younger sisters grew and were betrothed so far away from Goldenmoore -- he didn't approve of Elettra's eventual match with a Fleurant in Ahestere, so far from the Mark -- but she seemed happy, and that was all he could wish for his sisters. Even today, they remain close. -- Tertius and himself, of course, is another story entirely.

From a young age, Octavius was an exceptional man -- physically impressive and blessed with dark, handsome looks, Octavius was a target of many a young girl's fancy. As he moved from a young teenage boy to a man in his own right, honing his skills with the bow and spending long hours in the training yards with his father and brother, Octavius found himself plagued with a veritable shadow of local girls. However, Octavius was a shy man, obedient to his parents and playful with his siblings, but generally reserved when it came to women. It would not have been difficult to slip into rogue-ish behavior, like his brother Tertius, but it was not Octavius' way. Only one woman ever caught his eye -- a young laundress who worked within Goldenmoore. But aside from that mild flirtation, Octavius knew nothing could ever come it, considering his position as heir of a household.

Octavius was betrothed to Idabel Alysworth in 213 when he was twenty-two and she was fifteen. It was not a considerable age gap for their station but Idabel proved to be rather mature for her age, considering the treachery that abounded in the Alysworth family, which had clearly forced her to grow up before her years -- and from the moment they formally met, in the company of their families, Octavius has been completed devoted to Idabel. She was rather reserved with him at first; it was clear she did not want to leave Porthaeron for the Mark. And in some ways, Octavius was goaded about his match by his brother and his friends -- promised to the only daughter of a man who committed patricide, the worst of sins. But Idabel was beautiful, smart and sharp -- Octavius took to her quickly. Theirs, of course, was not initially a love match, but Octavius has always been a practical man. He knew a solid friendship borne of respect and admiration was more important than passion -- passion had already betrayed him a time or two before -- and what started as a functioning partnership slowly evolved into something more.

Their first child, a daughter, named Atlanta, was born in 215, just shy of their one year anniversary. From the moment Octavius saw his daughter, he was lost -- and each blonde-haired, blue-eyed cherub born after would quickly claim his heart as well, until there was no room left in it for himself. Being the father of seven daughters is, needless to say, a stressful and at times horrifying experience. Octavius is not blind; he saw how young men looked at his sisters, and now he watches with fear how the young men flock after his bevy of young girls. Especially now that most of his girls are in their teens and of marriageable age, Octavius is finding more than a few grey streaks in his hair that weren't there previously. Although the lack of a male heir always plagued Idabel, Octavius himself was not adverse to being the father of so many girls -- he was lucky enough to have a unique and powerful relationship with each one of them, and had more than once been pleasantly surprised with how strong and capable they all could be. Not once before did the de Valle family have to leave their inheritance to the eldest daughter and a man married to her -- and although it was a chagrin of many a de Valle man, Octavius was not privy to this farcical hold to patriarchy. Still, Idabel finally gave birth to a son, Sergius, in 228, and for the time being both parents could rest easy.

Octavius' life continued smoothly. He was a strong, capable banner lord, holding the confidence and support of his Province Lord and maintaining the prosperity of Goldenmoore. He was deeply ingrained in the lives of his people, and the name de Valle continues to retain it's strength in the city. When he was first approached by Rufus DeLauncey for Atlanta's hand, Octavius was concerned. It was a considerably affluent match -- she would become Lady DeLauncey, wife to a Province Lord -- but he also knew of the pack of wolves the DeLauncey men were. Octavius was wary of any man taken with his eldest daughter, of course, but Rufus DeLauncey proved to be not only an exceptional match but a devoted and caring husband. It warmed Octavius' heart to see the joy in their union, and he knows he could not have done better for his eldest daughter. And for a while, things seemed to be at peace. But the arrival of the plague in the Mark stole his brightest ray of sunshine from his life, and Octavius never quite recovered from Atlanta's death and that of his grandson in 238 -- as no parent ever does, having to prematurely bury their own child -- but he bears this burden in a quiet fashion, never one to display weakness when the rest of his family requires his strength to remain while they deal with their of grief.

It is only in the past few years that Octavius has become a more stressed individual. Sergius, his only son, seems to grow weaker with each passing season, and although he never voices these fears aloud, Octavius is plagued with the constant concern that his son will not see his next birthday -- and Tertius' own desires become more vocal as he pushes for the family line to continue through his own capable bevy of male heirs. Even further, Octavius is aware of his own reluctance to betroth his remaining daughters -- and he is running out of time where such a response is appropriate. In many ways, he has not fully dealt with the loss of his first daughter, and his fear is continuing to translate in releasing his many doves to the wind.

Time will tell.


[Writing Sample]

Maximus Landalis... Maximus Landalis...

The bannerlord of Goldenmoore continued to mutter the man's name to himself as his blue eyes, aided only by a thin pair of spectacles that rested near the end of his nose, continued to read over the parchment once more. They had all returned to their quarters of the manse to prepare for the evening's festivities, the Founding Festival in Cnaith proving to be wonderful round-the-clock entertainment, when Octavius received this mysterious missive, going through some unfinished work while the ladies of the house prepared themselves for the evening.

Although surprising to receive while technically out on holiday, the letter started out simply enough; this Maximus stating his relation to the head of the family and his own position. Octavius had assumed it would be some sort of trade agreement or menial favor asked of the laborers of the bluffs, when he tripped across the twist -- personal concern and mutual benefit regarding your daughter, the Lady Elysia. Now what by the Father could that mean?

Octavius had tried to mull it over but couldn't quite get over what irked him most about it; that the mention of his daughter made Octavius uneasy -- as any father would be, when a strange man had word of one's own progeny -- or what exactly this Maximus might be asking of him. Ever since the mysterious Lord Fournier arose from the mists to inquire after the hand of Aurelia, a most shocking turn of events, Octavius had been trying his best to keep an eye on his bevy of blonde mermaids; but he quickly realized that had already been growing increasingly more difficult with each passing year. Now Cornelia was a lady-in-waiting, far from him, Aurelia on her way to being betrothed -- with a sigh, Octavius silently wished to be returned to those days when they were all only as tall as his hip, a sea of seven blonde heads wrecking havoc in his home -- and the only attention they strove for was his own.

" -- Ida," Octavius called out from his study, knowing that somewhere in the recesses of their temporary apartments his wife was likely to hear him, " -- Ida, I've a letter I -- need to discuss with you."


[Timeline of Events]


Year 191: Octavius de Valle is born.
Year 197: Idabel Alysworth born.
Year 209: Girard Alysworth is poisoned, Emrik Alysworth is executed for the crime, Gisele Fleurant returns to House Fleurant.
Year 214: Idabel Alysworth weds Octavius de Valle.
Year 215: Atlanta de Valle born.
Year 216: Dahlia de Valle born.
Year 217: Elgar Alysworth is convicted of killing Girard Alysworth and framing Emrik.
Year 219: Adamaris de Valle born.
Year 221: Elysia de Valle born.
Year 223: Cornelia de Valle born.
Year 225: Aurelia de Valle born.
Year 226: Livia de Valle born.
Year 228: Sergius de Valle born.
Year 233: Rufus DeLauncey weds Atlanta de Valle.
Year 238: Atlanta DeLauncey and her son dies of the plague. Rufus DeLauncey is found murdered within the same year.




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Okay well not my best work but I FINALLY FUCKIN' DID IT
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OMG did I just go legit blind?! Is this an ACTUAL APLICATION?! One that has almost gone a year incompleted!?

Can't be! This has to ben illusion! Tht's it! A total illusion!

.....but just in case it isn't....

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