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Default Conor Vulferam

Conchobhar “Conor” Tuathal Murchadh Vulferam VI


[OOC Information]

Your Name: Random
RP Experience: 10ish
Your Character's Player Base: Nathan Fillion


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Conchobhar “Conor” Tuathal Murchadh Vulferam VI
Character Age: 33
Gender: Male
Birthday (including year): July 21, 208
Home Castle/City: Berghjärta, Mier
House: Vulferam



Conor would want to be regarded as an unknowable man, but it wouldn’t do for him to be an unknowable man would it? In reality the many clunky parts that make him what he is are largely devoid of the elegance and mystery he would like for others to believe he possesses. He’s a battered man, built half by his father and half by history. He used to be fun loving and boisterous but hasn’t been able to be that person for a very long time. Instead the person that Conor is largely what he is forced to be. He is a stern man, he would like to think that he loves his family more than his father loved him, but is probably afraid that he had fallen into the same traps that all Conchobhar Vulferams seem to fall into.

This personality of his is firmly summed up in his hypocritical tendencies. He would much rather that people do what he tells them to do than do what he did in the past when in the same situation. He’s too stubborn to realise that. He would like to be better man than he is, but he is what he is. He is gruff and brooding but not entirely unintelligent either. He is not naturally cunning or charismatic, his main strength is his strength of will and sense of honour and fair-play.

To the first time observer, Conor will typically come across as either cold or, at times, even angry. That’s just typical of him and the way that he struggles with the great weight of his responsibility. Kindness and patience are things that he often lacks time for. That isn’t to say that he doesn’t care, but at the best of times, he is barely able to hold his life together and would rather that people did not figure that out. He’s alone at the top of the mountain and doesn’t want anybody to see him flinch.



Conor was born the eldest son of the eldest son and is the sixth in his family line or bear his name. It is safe to say that his very existence comes from necessity first, desire and want come a distant second. His father was a stern and cold man, largely interested in Conor as a concept rather than a human being. His mother was kinder, softer, and more of what a mother should have been, but there was only so much that the wife of Conri Vulferam could do, especially with a family as full as Vulferams tended to grow. The first born was largely given over to what Conri needed him to be.

The result was a rebellious teenager, largely abandoned to the aspirations of his father. Conor was left to look to his own defence. He was a sporting outdoorsman who grudgingly learned all the other more scholarly pursuits that a future lord needed to know. He was an effable young man, prone to boyish crushes and flights of fancy with friends that often left them roaming up and down the mountainsides. All in, he was an acceptable son; he and his father were never particularly close, but he would do. No matter what transpired between them, Conor typically avoided being a disappointment.

The closest he ever came to utter failure is also the tale of how he came to be married to the love of his life, Ammeline DeLauncey. They met at a royal gala and it was immediately obvious to Conor in the very first instant that they would be together forever. It took her a little longer to come around to the idea, but she proved to be a strong convert when she did. Conor, a wild mountain lordling was not who her parents wanted for her, nor was the delicate DeLauncey the sort of bride that Conri wanted for his son. Conor had decided that his father had got his way enough times and although the circumstances behind the scenes of their wedding were scandalous, the bride and groom were both happy with the way things turned out and nothing much was said about it thereafter.

Conor and Ammeline’s first children, twins, were born more than a few months short of nine months after their parents wedding. Four more children joined the family over the years, but the world they entered became much darker each time. In year 231, Turpis Morbi reached the north of Arbrecht. Conor lost both his infant brother and his eldest sister within the space of a few months. While his family struggled to grieve and the illness was still hurting the entire kingdom, the Fitzwulfs launched their attack upon the Blanchards, beginning the Heldenbracht War.

Allied to the Blanchards by marriage, Conri and the rest of the Vulferams went to war in defence of the rightful rulers of Arbrecht. They fought long and hard. The Vulferams suffered greatly, with their strict codes of honour putting them at odds with the Fitzwulf’s more distasteful tactics. Conor lost two brothers to the fighting and his wife died during childbirth while he was at the front. He didn’t even bother asking his father for permission to return home, Conor knew what the answer would have been. He continued to fight the Fitzwulfs and it soon became all he had to live for. A few years later, the war ended in a surrender. All that Conor had fought for seemed to have been done so in vain. Five months later, his father succumbed to the plague, leaving a half broken Conor to lead a house that was hardly much better off than he was.

By banding together, the large and closely knit Vulferam house was able to recover and Conor came to rely upon his family to help him keep order and rebuild. In the aftermath of the war, Conor was part of a scheme that freed Corbin Blanchard from a Fitzwulf dungeon. Conor secretly gave him sanctuary. Together, they bided their time with the intention of one day continuing the war that they had both lost so much to and returning the rightful Lord to power.

The grand conspiracy between the Vulferams, Harcourts and Blanchards came to a head in the Arbrecht war, which saw the ousting of the Fitzwulfs and the return of Corbin Blanchard as province Lord. Despite their victory, the war ended messily. As the war came to a close Conor came to the realisation that his idea of victory was not the same as Corbin’s. The line between justice and revenge had never been clear, but was coming into view from where Conor was stood and Corbin was on the wrong side. In order to prevent the execution of Elenor Fitzwulf, Conor ensured that King Adrien’s forces would reach Westerland in time to formally end the war and prevent any more unnecessary death.

Conor had not expected Adrien to marry the damn woman. Realising that he had outraged Corbin, Conor chose to dig in rather than to admit fault. In a single day an unquestionable alliance and loyalty had been broken. Corbin had been returned to power but could easily see Conor as a threat, especially considering his pending marriage ties to the Harcourts. Conor had the Vulferams draw back to Meir and focused on their alliance with the Brabant house. He has decreed that Harcourts are unwelcome in his lands and intends to sit back, fortify, wait out the winter, and give tensions in Arbrecht time to either die down or… the alternative.


[Writing Sample]

“I’m going to marry you some day.” He said. He could still remember having said it. It had been blunt, brash and stupid. He still didn’t regret it and never would. He remembered what she had said back to him. Conor could never remember the sound of his wife’s voice except when he thought of that.

“We don’t even know each other.”

“Are you going to let that stand in your way?” Conor stood against the wall of his chambers and stared out of the window at the snowy landscape below. He smiled at his own recollections and tilted his head to one side so that it was resting against the covered stone as well. Behind him lay a desk strewn with clutter. There were letters, some half-written, others half-read. Some had been waiting months for his eyes to grace them, he found them all equally easy to ignore.

Buried under the loose leafs of neglected pages were maps, ledgers, and lists. Some of them had been there since the war. He would have so liked to put them all away, but they were still needed. He sighed, perhaps letting out the heaviest breath in his body. A knock came at the door and suddenly Conor found himself feeling as if the sigh had not been quite heavy enough. He greeted the knock with silence and another knock came in response. “Father. They’re waiting.” His son said loudly through the keyhole.

“I know.” Conor announced to the world, but made no sign of moving. A few silent moments passed.

“They’ve been waiting for quite some time.” His son spoke again.

“I said I know!” Conor barked. His voice was sharp, tired, and painfully clear. It bought him silence and the sound of his son’s feet walking hesitantly away from his door. Conor sighed again but refused to move. He continued to stare out of the window.

“I’m going to marry you some day.” He thought to himself and smiled as he heard her voice again.


[Timeline of Events]


Year 208: Conor is born to Conri Vulferam and Sepphora Blanchard
Year 225: Conor marries Ammeline DeLauncy
Everild and Conan are born
Year 226: Sigrid is born
Year 228: Aurelius is born
Year 231: Egon is born
The Turpis Morbi arrives in Mier, killing two of Conor’s younger siblings.
Year 234: The Heldenbrecht War begins.
Year 235: Ammeline dies giving birth to Clementine Vulferam
Year 236: Two of Conor’s brothers die in battle with the Fitzwulfs
Year: 237: The Heldenbrecht war ends in a defeat for the loyalists. Five months later Conri dies to the plague. Conor becomes Lord of the house.
Year 238: Corbin Blanchard is taken in by Conor.
Year 241: The Arbrecht War to restore Corbin begins and ends in victory. Tensions begin to arise between old allies in the aftermath.

Credit for most of the character goes to Lahariel. Everything in the app is written by me though.

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