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Is what the tentative Lacharn timeline looking like heading into September 241. More dates will be headed to the thread, somethings might be added, etc. If there's any concerns or issues, or something I might have forgot that needs to be added, simply pm me underneath this account.

August 241

08/29/241 – Kenya’s Birthday celebrations is held.
08/30/241 – Grand Tourney of the Horns occurs.

September 241

09/02/241 – Public ceremony featuring the renewal of banner lords’ oaths of fealty to Maldwyn Prothero.
09/03/241 – Maldwyn forms an official inquiry into the attempted murder of Ceinwen Prothero. ALSO Adrien and Keyna with Court depart for the Hollows.
09/04/241 – Banner lords disperse! Merrick investigative envoy with Nia Vaughn set sail for Ahestere. An odd letter arrives for Ceinwen Prothero.
09/13/241 – Adrien, Keyna, and Court arrive in the Hollows.
09/17/241 - Merrick Envoy arrives in Lismore to begin investigation.
09/28/241 – Wedding of Cadwallader Prothero and Corderlia Morgandy is hosted in Enyon.
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