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The Lioness of Forsilvra
2,557 02-13-2017 Jenn's Avatar
Adrien Fontenot
The Inexperienced King
1,014 05-23-2015 Adrien Fontenot's Avatar
King of the Railroad
944 02-16-2018 Friday's Avatar
Elanor Fontenot
the Lily Queen
776 05-10-2017 Elanor Fontenot's Avatar
Melari Forthwind
Rosebuds and Stars
702 06-10-2015 Melari Forthwind's Avatar
Annalisa Faerald
Leaping Stag, Caged Sparrow
587 05-21-2015 Annalisa Faerald's Avatar
Tysilio Faerald
Everyone's favourite uncle
578 01-09-2018 Tysilio Faerald's Avatar
Cassius Theodore DeLauncey
Second Son
574 07-07-2015 Cassius Theodore DeLauncey's Avatar
The Devil's Advocate
560 02-22-2014 Lahariel's Avatar
Corbin Blanchard
Set Things Right
517 05-25-2015 Corbin Blanchard's Avatar
Iridia Blanchard
The Rightful Heir
505 06-14-2015 Iridia Blanchard's Avatar
Aashiq Linnet
Lord of the Sands
481 08-03-2014 Aashiq Linnet's Avatar
Ian Harcourt
The Honorable Lord Harcourt
446 06-14-2015 Ian Harcourt's Avatar
Bryn Kyffin
Acorn to Oak
440 08-03-2014 Bryn Kyffin's Avatar
Aurora Fontenot
The ONE true princess
438 08-09-2015 Aurora Fontenot's Avatar
Aurelia de Valle
Never Yours
429 05-16-2015 Aurelia de Valle's Avatar
Maldwyn Prothero
Good Intentions Aren't Ever Rewarded
428 05-28-2015 Maldwyn Prothero's Avatar
Vivian Harcourt
Pawn to Queen
418 03-18-2016 Vivian Harcourt's Avatar
Niamh Vulferam
Little Sparrow
417 07-13-2015 Niamh Vulferam's Avatar
life is not a song
414 02-14-2014 Latara's Avatar
Lorelei Linnet
Northern Beauty
412 06-27-2014 Lorelei Linnet's Avatar
Conor Vulferam
Do As He Says
405 06-29-2015 Conor Vulferam's Avatar
Lucius Kaedon DeLauncey
Because Bad Looks So Damn Good
390 05-14-2015 Lucius Kaedon DeLauncey's Avatar
Deirdre Faerald
A bird can sing but the wind is stronger
378 04-26-2016 Deirdre Faerald's Avatar
Eveline DeLauncey
The Littlest Wolf
375 06-14-2015 Eveline DeLauncey's Avatar
Gwendoline Morgandy
Drowning In My Tears
375 06-26-2014 Gwendoline Morgandy's Avatar
William Harcourt
Beast of Heldenbrecht
362 04-15-2016 William Harcourt's Avatar
Kenneth Montrose
The Perfect Knight
361 04-15-2016 Kenneth Montrose's Avatar
Kenna Merrick
The Ice Queen
356 04-16-2015 Kenna Merrick's Avatar
Jager Brabant
The Jagermeister
350 07-05-2015 Jager Brabant's Avatar
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