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Weakness, unweeded, uproots the tree.

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  1. Cavalry King
    06-06-2011 05:03 AM
    Cavalry King
    A soldier through and through. Ferrante was raised for warfare by his father. It is what he is best at. He is perhaps the ideal soldier, fearless in battle and unquestioning. He leads his men from the front always.

    While not the most overtly loving father, Ferrante cares for the well being of his daughters, but puts them subordinate to his own needs. He desperately wants a son and is almost to the verge of fathering a bastard in order to secure his own line.
  2. Cavalry King
    06-06-2011 05:02 AM
    Cavalry King
    Ferrante is heavily divided between the Sanseverinos and the Mercados. Having spent a great deal of his life with the Mercados, he has some attachment to them. In all honesty though he would side with whatever family he felt best served his interests. This is not to say he isn't loyal to the Sanseverinos, he holds them in equal measure to the Mercados, however his loyalties are a bit weaker than the family might like, especially since he is not in line for any lands. However he does not readily express this. He is loyal however to his father and will usually do as his father commands him.
  3. Cavalry King
    06-06-2011 05:01 AM
    Cavalry King
    Ferrante is a very detached person, saying very little and expressing very little. He keeps mostly to himself and his men, preferring the company of soldiers to nobility. He, like his father, is pragmatic, businesslike, and remorseless. He maintains a cold, stoic exterior. Amongst friends however, mostly soldiers and others he does not deem weak, he is quite charming and engaging. He will laugh and joke amongst his friends but not readily with others. He enjoys a stiff drink and women, however he is no lecherous drunk.
  4. Cavalry King
    06-06-2011 05:00 AM
    Cavalry King
    Ferrante is marked by the ambition that is common to his family. It is what drives him everyday of life. He constantly thinks of his low status in the world. Despite being born to a great family, he is of little consequence, far to low to have a shot at any kind of inheritance, even that of his father's estate. He feels he thus has to take everything he wants, usually by force. Everything to him is a struggle where he has to fight to stay alive and get ahead. He dreams big and is prepared to stake everything on his ambitions - his life, his family, and even his children if necessary. He intends on making his mark in the world and making himself great.


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