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This forum is used for Lords to post proclamations in their provinces or the King to post them everywhere. Obituaries
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Send letters via the mail system to other cities.
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The domain of House Severne is a land of forests and peaceful rivers, whose quiet coast is ever watchful of nearby Tocken, and whose mountainous western border holds the gateway to Blasa. The traditional allies of House Sterlyn, it might have been the province least torn by the tensions of the civil war, yet fate may not always be so kind.
186 3,059
Capital of the province, seat of House Severne
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133 2,347
Formerly ruled by House Nemea
7 49
Ruled by House Whitstone
15 268
For roleplay in the city of Novra
3 28
Formerly ruled by House Cromwell
14 203
Ruled by House Etny
Never 0 0
Formerly ruled by House Vostrikova, now the seat of House Devane
3 10
For roleplay in the city of Ptrya
Never 0 0
A land of pine trees and bitter cold winters, Blasa has always been isolated from the rest of the mainland by the Avsomna Alps. Here the people value honor, loyalty and honesty above courtly graces, and are said to be a hardier sort than their southron kindred. Ruled by House Althalos, Blasa has the reputation as the safest and most peaceful of the provinces, at least until recently.
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72 1,030
Never 0 0
Ruled by House Tyrell
Never 0 0
Ruled by House Raith
1 1
Ruled by House Hargant
Never 0 0
Ruled by House Froste
4 108
Capital of the province, seat of House Althalos
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42 569
Never 0 0
Ruled by House Winter
14 212
Ruled by House Darsling
3 21
A land of peaceful grasslands, bordered by the mountains on the east and the forests of Atra to the north, Gyllene is the historic province of House Sterlyn and since the civil war has served as the royal seat. Winters are cold in the north but seasons are generally temperate, though snow puts a yearly hold on the rounds of tourneys and courtly amusements.
519 8,700
Ruled by House Coleville
by Ashara
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7 85
Ruled by House Ciel
by Tybalt
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8 101
Ruled by House Darnley
Never 0 0
Ruled by House Atherton
5 76
Ruled by House Sanseverino
3 38
Ruled by House Campbell
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1 15
The capital of the realm and seat of House Sterlyn, who rule from Castle Argent.
485 8,249
Ruled by House Huntington
1 1
Ovador is located in the southeastern part of the mainland. Ruled by House Castell, the lords here understand the meaning of loyalty to their liege. The climate is hot in the summer, with mild winters that swing from freezing to warm in a matter of days. The southern part of the province does not receive any snow.
127 1,774
Ruled by House Ayala
6 49
3 23
Ruled by House Leiham
6 50
Ruled by House Paige
1 3
Ruled by House Desrosiers
Never 0 0
Never 0 0
Ruled by House Delamere
10 61
Capital of Ovador, seat of House Castell
90 1,380
Never 0 0
The province of House Ashpool, Sanka sits on the eastern coast of Forsilvra, almost entirely encircled by the Avsomna Alps. The mountains provide protection but are also a source of wealth in the form of mining: a good portion of the kingdom’s gold comes from the mines controlled by the Ashpool family. The coast has a warm, even climate most of the year but in the hills and high mountains the winters can be bitter as they are long. Hospitality and chivalry are important traits to the Sankan people.
405 6,814
Ruled by House Harrowmont
69 1,028
Formerly ruled by House Crane, now by House Desmarais
Never 0 0
Ruled by House Dupont
by Jacques
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7 39
Ruled by House Tresson
15 161
Ruled by House Llewelyn
2 15
Ruled by House Starke
Never 0 0
The capital of the province, seat of House Ashpool
182 3,633
Formerly ruled by House Blackmont, now controlled by House Mowbray
Never 0 0
Ruled by House Drake
102 1,538
Formerly ruled by House Harroway, now by House Selidor
2 11
Ruled by House Letalis, the southern island is a mass of jungle, with most of the population living along the more hospitable coastline, plying the seas as expert sailors. The islanders are as wild as their island, famous for their spicy food and equally heated passions. The island is famous for its exotic animals and trades in ivory and goods from the foreign merchants who make port.
97 1,249
Formerly ruled by House Miridian, now by House Santagar
6 36
Never 0 0
Ruled by House Curtenay
1 16
Ruled by House Ambrosios
Never 0 0
Ruled by House Mordaunt
3 41
Capital of the province, seat of House Letalis
80 1,053
Formerly held by House de Torrna, now ruled by House Ainsely.
3 25
A prosperous land of farmland and plains, and is famous for its prized war horses, though the southern swamps often serve as a breeding ground for fevers and a haven for outcasts. Formerly the province of House Lorterra, for the last thirty years it has been ruled by the Lennoxes, and now by House Mallory, Svavel is no stranger to political upheavals but as the home to the largest Kaedorian population on the mainland it now faces religious strife as well.
285 3,948
Ruled by House Velaryon
71 1,348
Ruled by House Bentley
Never 0 0
Ruled by House Forthwind
22 356
Ruled by House Lanier; Lord Regent Edmund Mallory
4 24
Formerly ruled by House Rassent, now by House Yronwood
2 20
Capital of the province, former seat of Houses Lorterra and Lennox, now House Mallory
144 1,825
Ruled by House Lockwood
Never 0 0
Ruled by House Debiel
7 58
Ruled by House Mallory
8 53
Formerly ruled by House Mar-Stellar, now House Mallory
16 167
Far north of Mainland Forsilvra lies Tocken, a frigid island full of independent cities and a stronghold of the Kaedori religion. These Houses, many of which have been there for countless generations, pride themselves on their trade, resourcefulness, and strong ruling families. A majority of the exports are wood from the many pine forests, furs from native animals, and weaponry. The strongest of these families, the Milovs, seek to unite the whole island under their banner, the first time any one family will take control of the island.
75 940
Ruled by House Milov
51 650
Ruled by House Tarasov
2 17
Never 0 0
Never 0 0
Ruled by House Mercado
16 236
Ruled by House Sokoll
Never 0 0
Ruled by House Kirov
1 16
A new province, Glodhet is a frontier for the Forsilvrans. The tropical island is ruled more by its volcanoes than by any mortal house, but House Costayne has taken a tight hold, while the Shadow quietly rules the south. Peopled mostly by pirates, thieves, killers, and those escaping from the mainland, the Glodhetians are a breed apart. Theirs is a wilder, more untamed land. Hospitality is a sacred right but most disputes are settled by the sword.
100 1,291
Newly made capital of the province, the seat of House Costayne
66 941
Ruled by House Shadowmere
by Oswin
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5 103
Former capital, ruled by House Renate
18 152
Formerly held by House Penvenan, now by House Lothston
1 1
Jin city
1 9
Jin city
Never 0 0
The island home of the Skalldings is a land of volcanoes and hotsprings. Here the gods of the sky are worshipped. Violence is a way of life. A man takes what he wants. The currents around Stoft are difficult to navigate and boats often crash on rocky shores. There are three islands, Skarr, Falke, and Skalld, of which only the first two are inhabitable. Each of the four cities is ruled by a Jarll who is elected by the men of the populace. At times, a man be voted to rule an entire island, but no one has ever taken total control of Stoft.
64 968
by Sveyn
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22 386
11 121
9 132
3 32
The Alps are a dangerous and treacherous place fomerly ruled by the gypsies. Given to the Tuath de Danan years ago by the Lorterran kings in peace, and remained so until 1008 when they were decimated by the Tocken plague, and their survivors bent the knee to House Ashpool.
13 197
Never 0 0
by Rex
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8 104
1 22

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