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Victor Castell
02-26-2010, 01:13 PM
To help you know who is traveling with who I've made a list. If you aren't on this list, then either 1) I don't know where you are please PM me 2) you're with the gypsies or 3) I just forgot you and I suck. Sorry!

If you want your character elsewhere, please Pm myself or ALoris. The dates of travel are on here, so you can make threads on the boats or go ahead and start some action in your next cities.

Straight to Vadra, arriving approximately August 4th
Jarvis Ashpool
Aurelia Ashpool
Horatia Ashpool
Jaxon Tresson
Madeline Tresson
Evelyn Castell
Lexington Castell

Stopping In Psyna 7-14, departing 7-16
Arriving in Vadra, Approximately August 6th

Victor castell
Loralynn Castell
Celeste Castell
Larson Castell
Tandor Castell
Donovan Castell
Blanche Campbell
Therisia Campbell

Isabelle Paige
J.T. Desroisers
Fletcher Leiham
Lorrella Leiham
Renilde Leiham
Christopher Mallory
Amelie Mallory
Rosalie Letalis
Ramira Letalis
Magdalena Ayala

[Allister McGovern] - Psyna

Stopping in [B]Kybra on 7/17-7/20
Stopping in Kyla on 8/8 - 8/20

Alrik Sterlyn
Aurora Sterlyn
Auron Sterlyn
Ysolda Sterlyn
Hugo Sterlyn
Rex Letalis
Michael Miridian
Sommara Ashpool
Leonard Althalos
Callidora Althalos
Devin Lennox
Adeline Lennox
[Lennox Children]
Tempest Castell
Sando-Lat Mar-Stellar
[Mar-Stellar Family]
Raven Tyrell
Eldon Tyrell
Amelia Froste
Winston Froste
Archibald Campbell

Staying in Alska/Atra

[Depart August 22th for Vadra
Arrive around September 17th for sept 21 wedding - too early to start this just yet

Kaedon Severne
Marilynn Severne
Fallon Severne
Ara-Lynn Severne
Rhiannon Severne
Falmek Severne
Bertram Cromwell
Bartholomew Cromwell
Briar Cromwell
Darryn Etny