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Rollo Letalis
10-18-2009, 08:01 PM
Thread Summary -- Month of June, 1007

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Threads are separated by day, and then under that subcategory by city. Since all the threads are currently in Alska, I didn’t put anything.

Kingdom Tour for June:
June 1st -- In between Nemea & Alska
Jun 2nd to June 14 -- Alska
June 15 -- Wedding of Kaedon Severne to Ara-Lynn Mar-Stellar in Alska
June 16 to June 24 -- Depart Alska to travel to Tjuvar
June 25 to June 28 -- Tjuvar visit
June 28 to July 6 -- Travel from Tjuvar to Alska


June 2, 1007:

Announcing the News [1 PM, OPEN] -- Kaedon Severne, Ara-Lynn Mar-Stellar, Aurora Sterlyn, Balthasar Cromwell

*Coming to Alska [2 PM, OPEN] -- Alrik Sterlyn, Aurora Sterlyn, Auron Sterlyn

June 3, 1007:

Difficult Memories [Mid-afternoon, OPEN] -- Loralynn Castell, Tempest Castell

Exploring [Morning, OPEN] -- Therasia Campbell, Rhiannon Severne, Horatia Ashpool, Evelyn Castell]

In the Library [Evening, OPEN] -- Adeline Lennox, Sommara Ashpool, Aurora Sterlyn

June 4, 1007:

A Secret Ride [Early Morning, Closed] -- Rex Letalis, Aurora Sterlyn

Hunting [2 PM, OPEN] - Kaedon Severne, Eldon Tyrell, Jarvis Ashpool

Sanka Lords Chat [12 PM, Closed] -- Jaxon Tresson, Edmond Tresson, Jarvis Ashpool

The Ritual of Beer and Business [Evening, OPEN] -- Rollo Letalis, Leonard Althalos

June 5, 1006:

An Evening of Cards [Evening, OPEN MEN] -- Victor Castell, Devin Lennox, Balthasar Cromwell, Christopher Mallory

A Walk on the Beach [Afternoon, Closed] -- Auron Sterlyn, Celeste Sterlyn

Better Late than Never [?, Closed] -- Amelia Froste, Winston Froste

Discussing the Upcoming Marriage [Evening, Closed] -- Aurora Sterlyn, Celeste Sterlyn

June 6, 1007:

Family Advice [Afternoon, Closed] -- Celeste Castell, Tempest Castell

Lordly Discussions [Afternoon, Closed] -- Jarvis Ashpool, Devin Lennox

June 13, 1007:

A New Lord [9 AM, Closed] -- Lyanna Winter, Edward Winter, Leonard Althalos, Callidora Althalos, Devin Lennox, Adeline Lennox

June 14, 1007:

In the Gardens [Early Afternoon, OPEN] -- Magdalena Ayala, Lyanna Winter, Raven Tyrell

Sisters Reunite [Morning, Closed] -- Lyanna Winter, Amelia Froste, Lorena Darsling

June 15, 1007:

Open to Flirting [Evening, OPEN] -- Aurelia Ashpool

The Wedding Feast [Late Afternoon, OPEN ALL] -- Kaedon Severne, Ara-Lynn Mar-Stellar, Callidora Althalos, Eldon Tyrell

Sneaking Off [Late Evening, Closed] -- Auron Sterlyn, Rhiannon Severne