View Full Version : The Metal Thread

Maric Reman
08-25-2011, 10:45 PM

So this is a thread designed, and in mind, for all metal-heads, whether you're a sucker for the classics of the '80s or a fan of the soul shattering metal of today. It doesn't really matter, just post up some of your favorite bands from throughout the ages.

Me, I grew up in the '90s, and I was raised on KoRn, the band, which started off in the early '90s, so naturally they hold a special place in Metal filled life, with KoRn being my favorite band of all times. I've also become a maggot, or a Slipknot fan, with their metal metal sound, its something different, and I enjoy the works of the band, though I wasn't a big fan of All Hope is Gone, and RIP Paul Gray. I'm also a fan of American metal band Lamb of God, Canadian Kataklysm, Polish Vader, German Debauchery, Cannibal Corpse, Six Feet Under, and a few others.

So what do you guys like?