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Mother Nature
08-11-2011, 02:35 AM
July, 1008

The height of Summer in Forsilvra brings about a sweltering heat that settled over the South and has gripped it with an unrelenting grasp. The heat has caused some minor issues in Svavel's grasslands, but no wildfires as of the 1008 Summer season. Ovador remains relatively unscathed, though they are not immune from the heat. Sanka's coast continues to be humid, the mugginess expounded by the frequent rain storms that have left them overcast. Inland remains dry, and closer to the mountains, the weather is pleasant. Blasa enjoys a dry heat, considerably more bearable than the South with infrequent rain storms. Tocken undergoes hottest month of the year with with frequent sprinkles of rain across the South coast.

Strom, in addition to the tropical heat which visits their island annually, experiences violent storms off the coast of Arqla. The tempest has created extensive damage to ships along the trade routes and has increased the wave swells on the East Coast. Glodhet also deals with tropical heat, particularly in the South, but must also contend with a series of intense electrical storms off the coast between Gora and Denra. These storms also effect the Northern tip of the island. Atra is going through an atypical amount of thunderstorms, the worst of which led to flash flooding in plague ravaged Nystra.