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Roger Tyrell
07-25-2011, 10:52 AM
So lets talk about TV shows, people! I'll start: You all seem to love Stargate, especially SG-1, and I agree on that. My parents absolutely love stargate, so they've bought all ten seasons, plus all five from Atlantis and the ones that are out from universe, and I'm finally on the 2nd season for sg-1.

So I guess what we'll talk about is:
1) What TV show?
2) Why do you like it?
3) When was it on? Is it still on?
4) Everybody loves GoT.
6) I skipped 5.
6) Theirs two sixes.
7) Talk about TV!

Tempest Castell
07-25-2011, 10:58 AM
Oh, you are speaking my language. I LOVED Atlantis. I ran home every day after work to catch it. It started my obsession with Jason Momoa; who I'm determined to make a character of him sometime. I even used him in an old story line once somewhere else.

However, I have to say my one true love is Firefly. THAT show...was my life. I dress up as the mechanic from time to time, but I really feel I'm closer to Zoey. I even call my car Serenity because stuff is always coming off, and its either face my asshole father to fix it put it back together myself.

I loved SG1 from what I have seen, but I'm also in a big Farscape kick. (I'm the biggest Jim Henson nerd)

The only other TV shows I record for myself are trash tv: all of the Housevives (NY, NJ, OC, Atlanta.)

Leofric Mons
07-25-2011, 11:07 AM
I've never heard of Farscape, what is that?

And Firefly, I never saw it myself but their seems to be a massive cult following for a show that never got a second season, right? So why is that show so awesome? :P

07-25-2011, 12:43 PM
Firefly has like a cowboys/western/sci-fi feel to it. I never watched all of the first season but my dad loved it and I started to get into it and like it. It takes place in the future and there's like the Alliance and people that oppose them. I forget half the story now..I should go watch it again...

I loved SG-1 and Atlantis, although I lost interest after the first season for me. Jason Momoa though is sexy.

I do watch Vampire Diaries...its my guilty pleasure. I also did like Glee, the first season was amazing, 2 sucked. 3 I am thinking will be the same. I also do watch Burn Notice and Chuck. My roommates this past year got me addicted to spy shows.

Cesare Sanseverino
07-25-2011, 12:52 PM
Never seen Farscape, heard the name though. Seen all sg-1, loved it, and season 1 of Atlantis. Planning to catch up with that and SGU.

Firefly - I watched most of the episodes and the movie. It has Nathan Fillion who, I think, is a Peter Pan. Never grow up. Because...

I watch Castle. It's going into season four in September. I love the main character, he's handing out jokes and murder mystery theories like lemonade, though he also gets pretty serious sometimes. Some witty comebacks and moments with the miss detective, and consistently good acting by all major characters.

Burn Notice. It's gone into season five last month. I've seen the four finished seasons, have to say season four was starting to get a bit stale, but they had a finale that opens new opportunities in the plot, so I'll be picking up the new episodes to see what's happenning. So what does it have? Spies! Bruce Campbell! McGyver-esque moments, like "how do you make your own bug" etc. Miami = palm trees and mojitos.

Fringe - watched two seasons, it's run a third and will go into season 4 in September. Not quite sure where they are going in terms of plot, but I love John Noble's character, delightfully deranged :D

Tempest Castell
07-25-2011, 01:15 PM
Oh I do like Castle too!

Firefly to me is more than just cowboys/aliens; its the very real and true idea that the government could easily over step their bounds. Nathan's character Mal is pretty much a sky pirate/cowboy who you can't help but relate to. And then along the way they pick up characters of all walks of life, and you really grow to love them. Its the one thing that I even thought Altantis was missing; characters. Yeah they had different people from different places, but the writers never really let them grow out of that shadow. Like Jason Momoa's character who was pretty much a gun slinging Drogo. They never let him shed away that image, and show that he in fact was civilized at one point, but was forced to become almost 'barbaric' to survive.

To me Firefly was the most believable sci-fi show that was out there. Its something that very well could happen, and though it is scary; what side would you be on?

Tempest Castell
07-25-2011, 01:16 PM
Oh, and Farscape was pretty much what would happen if Titan A.E. was live action. Or really the last few seasons of Next Generation was "more colorful" still fun though.

Leofric Mons
07-25-2011, 01:28 PM
I liked Titan A.E., I still have that on VHS, actually. Another thing that reminded me of that was the disney atlantis movie that turned into a horrrible series.

I always catch Burn notices random episodes on USA, which I currently watch suits and NCIS on mostly. We've got a lot of NCIS stuff here too. And I'll agree with you on Atlantis; really, you never got to know the characters after you first met them. Esepcially Teyla; I liked her at first, but as the series went on I just hated her, tbh. I also started to like Rodney, and Jason Momoa was their Teal'C with a different reason for revenge. I found myself having Dr. Beckett be my favorite character, followed by Rodney Mckay by the end of the show. Also, didn't like Dr. Weir at all.

But Atlantis is what got me into stargate. :P

Tempest Castell
07-25-2011, 01:43 PM
That is exactly what I mean. I liked McCay too, but when Jennifer (the Dr) moved from Ronon to McCay it was against everyone's judgement. The writer at the time thought he deserved a girl, but ultimately McCay already had a girl; and blew it. It would have in my opinion been more beneficial, and when the fans threw a fit about it. They wrote Ronon in a 'warrior' like girl, but that's not a true story. That is a cheap plot cover up. In truth it would have been a better story like in firefly if the 'Warrior like character' ended up with someone a bit more gentle. Captain Mal had the Inara, and Zoey/Wash. They were nothing alike, but had one thing in common--the cause.

I really felt like by the end of Atalantis I could write better plot in my sleep.

Leofric Mons
07-25-2011, 02:26 PM
To be fair though, the random unconnected sepisodes that don't deal with the main plot are better in all the stargates, too. But for some reason in Atlantis, they were better period. I honestly didn't like their main plot the more I think about it. First it was cool, with discovering and retooling atlantis. But what was going on in sg-1 was a lot cooler.

Like building spaceships! Spaceships! Super Stargates! That Mckay-somethingorover station between atlantis and earth! :D But the last one was on atlantis too. And the puddle jumpers were awesome.