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Victor Castell
08-14-2009, 11:24 AM
To help facilitated RP, I figured a 'where are you going' thread to help people work out their character's next hesitation would be a good idea:

Here are my tentative plans for my characters, subject to discussion by those who are involved with them

Victor Castell & Family: The Castell family will do the following. Victor's schedule isn't all that flexible:

1. Travel with the King from Nystra to Nemea to Alska for the wedding
2. Victor will attend the King to visit the gypsies. Hector (if approved by then) can come with or stay. The woman will stay in Alska or can travel to Nemea (see Callidora below)
3. After Theo's wedding, The Castells will leave by ship for Vadra to prepare for Evelyn's wedding. They would expect the Ashpools to go with them :P Or at least Jarvis.
4. After Evee's wedding, Victor will return with his bannerman to Trista. I plan for him to call his banners to council, so those who plays his banners should expect to be in Trista around the first to Host King Alrik, then stay for some intersting rp with Victor :P
5. He will leave whenever needed to make the December 26th wedding of the Sterlyns (haven't figured out the timing yet, but it'll probably again be by ship...)

Callidora Althalos: (subject to discussion with Naz and Leo)
1. Callidora will also travel via ship to Nystra, Nemea, and Alska for the wedding of Kaedon and Naz.
2. I'm thinking Callidora can make a more extended visit of Nemea between the weddings
3. After Theo's wedding, Callidora and Leo would be hosting Alrik.
4. Callidora will be getting pretty pregnant by now... will need to discuss options with Usa/Leo

Kaedon Severne (pending Friday/Theo Fallon and Devi/Naz and Latara/Rhiannon)
1. The Severne/Nemea/Cromwell's probably would have left Solbra the day after the ball to be getting home quickest (May 6th). Solbra to Alska by ship is 16 days so that would be the 22th and would leave them a few weeks to get everything ready for the wedding (so we can start posting in Alska if you guys want!); but we're going to stop in Nystra for the night on the 10th and then arrived on like the 23rd... or so.
2. After the wedding, he'll probably take his new wife home for a bit, then he'll return to Alska for Theo's wedding. Then he'll probably go where Theo orders him to go even though he doesn't want to do anything Theo tells him to do..... <3

Auron Sterlyn:
1. Where Alrik goes, so Auron goes. Easy <3

Jaxon Tresson:
1. Probably would follow Jarvis' path from start to finish. So what Deek does, Tresson family would do.
2. After the Theo wedding, will ride in boat with Jarvis until Vadra. He and his family will depart Vadra on the 10th and and go by small caravan on land to Hysgna, arriving ~ Aug 18th. They will stay until September 9th, then head for Vadra and the wedding, arriving around the 18th
3. After that, probably remain in Vadra until they depart for Solbra.

There you go! Loralynn is my other only character and she's grouped with Victor.

Magdalena Ayala
08-14-2009, 02:18 PM
Adeline Lennox
House Lennox will be attending the Severne/Nemea wedding. I assume they will attend the other weddings, and will be hosting the King in November. Must plan more with Buns!

Magdalena Ayala
House Ayala will go with Victor at least as far as the Severne/Nemea wedding. They also will be attending Evelyn and Jarvis's wedding. The King's caravan appears to be headed to Chrysa between October and November, so there's that too. I'll decide more later.

Rhiannon Severne
Rhiannon goes as House Severne goes!

Lorrella Leiham
Must discuss with Keira and Amy, but I can tell you at least that they will be at Evelyn and Jarvis's wedding.

Josephine Roinne
Jo goes where the gypsies go. If there's any difference here, then probably with Conor, but I'll have to talk with Cassie and co about gypsy plans.

08-14-2009, 05:36 PM

Conor and crew will be returning home, possibly after the ball via ship for Tjuvar. He will need to be in the holy city when the Elders meet on the Summer Solace. Plus Loxley is due roughly the first week of July, so the faster they get her home the better.


Goes where ever Victor wants her to go :) and after that she'll be Jarvis cunning shadow.


Oh Archie, I have no idea what to do about him. Possibly he'll follow around the King being an advisor and all. He will be with the King when he visits the Gypsies. Possibly be around to see his new grandchild, boil some drama with his ex-wife that sort of thing. He won't bring his wife and younger daughters with him. Maybe Therasia since she is old enough. I'll discuss with Bug.

Balthasar Cromwell
08-14-2009, 05:56 PM
Jarvis Ashpool & Family:
1. Travel with the King from Nystra to Nemea to Alska for the wedding.
2. Jarvis will follow the King to the visit the gypsies. The women will stay in Alska, especially Marilynn.
3. After the wedding, Jarvis and his remaining sisters will travel back to Vadra.
4. Jarvis will stay in Vadra with Jaxon and Madeline Tresson as guests.
5. Will leave a little early to make the December 26th wedding of the Sterlyns so that Sommara will have lots of time to prepare.

Aurora Sterlyn:
1. Aurora will travel with the King from Nystra to Nemea to Alska for the wedding.
2. Will stay in Alska (or maybe go to Nemea?) during the Gypsy visit.
3. Will follow Alrik wherever after that.
4. After being married will be shipped off with Lord Island Scum.

Balthasar Cromwell & Family:
1. Travel with the Severnes back to Nystra to prepare for the King’s visit.
2. Will travel to Nemea to Alska with the King for the wedding.
3. Balthasar will travel with the Castells down to Vadra to the wedding of Evelyn Castell and Jarvis Ashpool.
4. Balthasar will visit Strom.
5. Balthasar and family will be attending the double wedding in Solbra.

Tempest Castell:
1. Travel with the King from Nystra to Nemea to Alska for the wedding.
2. Will stay in Alska during gypsy visit.
3. Will stay with Kingdom tour, separating from the Castells.
4. After Jarvis and Evelyn’s wedding will return back with the Castells.

Alrik Sterlyn
08-14-2009, 08:35 PM
Alrik Sterlyn and accompanying entourage. Please find link for the actual specifics here (http://www.silversenshi.net/forsilvra/showthread.php?t=352). Shortened below:

Depart Solbra, May 12, 1007
Arrive Nystra, May 16, 1007
Depart Nystra, May 18, 1007
Arrive Nemea, May 29, 1007
Depart Nemea, May 31, 1007
Arrive Alska, (1st time) June 2, 1007
Alska: June 15, 1007, Wedding of Kaedon Severne to Nazraiel Nemea.
Depart Alska (1st time) June 16, 1007
Arrive Tjuvar, June 25, 1007
Depart Tjuvar, June 28, 1007
Arrive Alska (2nd time), July 7, 1007
Alska: July 8, 1007, Wedding of Theodoric Severne to Marilynn Ashpool
Depart Alska, (2nd time) July 11, 1007
Swing by Psyna and Kybra in that time.
Arrive Kyla, August 8, 1007
Depart Kyla, August 20, 1007
Arrive Vadra, August 30, 1007
Vadra: September 21, 1007, Wedding of Jarvis Ashpool to Evelyn Castell
Depart Vadra, September 23, 1007
Arrive Trista, October 1, 1007
Leave Trista, October 8, 1007
Swing by Chrysa and Ryka in that time.
Arrive Orqua, November 21, 1007
Depart Orqua, November 30, 1007
Arrive Solbra, December 5, 1007
Solbra: December 26, 1007, Double wedding: Auron Sterlyn to Sommara Ashpool; Rex Letalis to Aurora Sterlyn

Ara-Lynn Mar-Stellar: Will tag along with the Castell conglomeration.

Doyle Reston: Will tag along with the Gypsy bunch.

Sommara Ashpool: Will tag along with the Ashpool family. After wedding of Jarvis/Evelyn, Sommara will continue on with all the King's horses and all the King's men.

Rex Letalis: Will tag along with the king's entourage until after the weddings in Alska. Rex will then head off to Vadra/Trista with the Castell horde for the Ashpool/Castell wedding. Then, off to Strom to prepare his home for his new bride. After that, he'll swing over to Solbra in time for his wedding and return home with his new bride.

Therasia Campbell
08-14-2009, 09:01 PM
LOL all the kinds horses and all the kings men, beautiful

umm Therasia will go where ever her padre tells her. Dee has a lot of power over my poor little girl. If I finish my gypsy, he'll be in the company of Conor.

Celeste Castell
08-15-2009, 01:05 AM
Celeste Castell

Celeste is going to run off with the gypsies! Not really, she's going to be a good little wife and go where her husband tells her to go.

Marilynn Ashpool

Marilynn will tag along with her family until she must stay in Alska.

Devin Lennox & Family (subject to discussion with Latara/Adeline)

1. Travel with the King from Nystra to Nemea to Alska for the wedding.
2. Devin will follow the King to visit the gypsies. Adeline and his daughter can stay there in Alska, his son ... I have no idea >.>
3. Travel with the King from Alska to Kyla to Vadra for the wedding.
4. They will then travel to home in Orqua where they will host the king.
5. They will then leave whenever needed to attend the Sterlyn weddings.

I think that will work ...

Fletcher Leiham
08-19-2009, 11:09 PM
The Leiham Family
They'll tag along with the Castells

Madeline Tresson
Will follow her husband

Rosalie Mallory
08-21-2009, 12:34 AM
Rosalie Letalis
She'll tag along with her brother, and thus follow the King's entourage on their grand route, unless Rex tells her to get out of his hair, lol.

Renilde Leiham
She'll follow Fletcher and Lorrella.

Edmond Tresson
He'll follow his mom and dad.

Fallon Sterlyn
08-21-2009, 12:47 AM
Theodoric Severne
1. Departing Solbra, going to Nystra for a night.
2. Then on to Alska, to drag Kaedon down the aisle.
3. Potentially following the King to Tjuvar, and then back to Alska for his OWN wedding.
4. He will remain within Alska to spend a brief time with his new bride, and then on to Vadra for Jarvis' wedding, most likely with the whole clan in tow. (That means you, the newly married Nemea's!)
5. Back home to Alska after Jarvis' wedding for a small respite, and then on to Solbra for several weddings.

Fallon Severne
1. Always with Theo, similar plan, but she will NOT make the trip to Tjuvar; instead, she must stay behind to plan Theo and Marilynn's wedding.
2. And then, you know, potentially becoming Queen.

Currently nameless Cromwell sister
1. Is Balthasar's reluctant shadow; where he goes, you are sure to find her.

Evelyn Castell
08-23-2009, 02:32 PM
The Gypsies are leaving Solbra the day after the ball, Conor is only taking a few people his family (his two children and sister Rio), Holden & Loxley with their offspring, Ophelia and Josephine with his impossible personal guard. They will travel via caravan, since they don't need to travel to Utkast and won't get killed or captured by the patrols around the mountains.

During the journey they will avoid most towns, possibly just find some place to camp and be moving as quickly as possible. Since Loxley is ready to pop by the start of July and they need to be home for Alrik's visit and the Circle of Elders will be gathering at the summer solace. They will crown a new High Queen and deal with that drama. Also they will have to deal with Tatienne, plus Conor needs to discuss other policies, government related things. Formerly adopt Doyle, stuff like that. So they will be busy this summer.

I believe they will attend the weddings of Alrik and his younger siblings but I doubt they will be welcome anywhere else. Unless someone disagrees and if that is the case let me know. <3

Jean Tristan
08-23-2009, 05:29 PM
Jean T and Isabelle will be traveling with the Castells. He would have joined Victor when he visits the gypsies but Conor has banned him with Jaxon and Thibault. So He will be staying with the women, which he doesn't mind too much.

Tatienne will not be returning with Conor and crew, she will be taking her daughter and go into hiding while gathering up her support. She will be busy to evil deeds, maybe she'll stay with her beloved cousin Thibault for a time.