View Full Version : Depressio 5000

Breckt Al Anz
05-06-2011, 12:46 AM
This is just a post to tell everyone that I'm sorry about going MIA a bunch lately for stretches of time. I'm horribly unorganized and sometimes that can lead to days getting effed, but on top of that I also have incredibly depressed spells. One of these happened for the last week and a half and I've sort of been sleeping all the time- fortunately I've resumed gettin some help for that so now I'm fortunately up and at 'em

Shae and Kel- I'M REALLY REALLY SORRY didn't mean to keep you waiting. I'm fired.

And Jenn- thanks for being so awesome to me bff. You are the best.

Hopefully I can become more active as I get the appropriate help to get out of this emotional funk I'm in.

Hope all is well for all of you.