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Allyria Devane
04-22-2011, 11:06 PM
Hey, guys, can someone give a layout of what happened when in March-April in Atra? Specifically when did Theo and the Severne forces leave Alska?


Victor Castell
04-23-2011, 12:30 AM
In the post I made with Kaedon on 5/15 I just alluded to him doing business as usual. Theo left... after the Allyria wedding? I think we edited that slightly to keep ya'll threads straight and then Theo is in Blasa 3/27 on. Cee had some plans but I'm not sure if she'll post them until she gets back.

Christopher Mallory
04-23-2011, 03:25 AM
Yeah, basically 3/27 is when they arrived in Psyna. The rest I've drawn out in letters, so basically in March-April, Vostrikova's were proven to be traitors to Severne, stripped and Devane was risen. Cromwell has also been given his house back. That may or may not be sticking depending on interest I have in somebody being risen to the position of lord. Darsling was also named Lord, so basically, within this time of waiting for a response from the king in April and basically fortifying in Psyna and sending Collin back as a ward, the events are:

3.27: Psyna falls peacefully, Collin Winter given to Lord Severne to ward
3.27: Theodoric pens letter to Alrik, waiting for his further orders before pressing into Blasa
3.28: Collin Winter sent back on a ship to Alska to ward under Lady Severne
3.31: Theodoric is informed of Lord Vostrikova’s treason
4.2: Andrew Darsling made banner lord of Nemea
4.4: Theodoric strips House Vostrikova of lordship, sentences the eldest males to death and divides younger Vostrikova’s between the banners to ward
4.4: Cael Devane is risen to banner lord of Pistra

That is what we have roughly so far.