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01-04-2011, 04:05 PM
Before we start, I need to point out that House Renate attended the Mallory/Lennox wedding in Orqua... so if you've got a Renate character feel free to TARDIS them back in time to hang out and have fun.

Now, back to the future.

Jaeryth's going to get some troops borrowed from Alrik. So if you have a noble who's not a head of a household and has some military/knighthood connections and you want them to have some combat experience before everything blows up, feel free to wander over to Glodhet as part of the army.

Likewise if you want to make up a sellsword character, please do. Sellswords are doing pretty well on Glodhet- the Province Lord used to be one, after all.

The Forsilvran troops and Jaer's own, as well as the Shadowmeres are going to march on the Jin. And by march I mean use vicious guerrilla tactics, poison wells and turn not!Greek Fire loose on Jin vessels.

It should start late February/early March at a guess... but that may be flexible.

If you want to talk diplomacy or alliances, send an emissary over. I think the only ones who are further ahead in time than Glodhet is Sanka atm, so... just something to think about when the rest of the kingdom catches up. :P

Victor Castell
01-04-2011, 04:21 PM
I advertised for Cedric Sterlyn. He would be good for this.

01-20-2011, 04:03 AM
Illiana's Funeral: 2/16

Costaynes leave for Joqla: 2/18 (Jaeryth, Aenyria, Kyra Florian who is not appearing on-screen. Genna/Lyra and Athenase will be sent off to Gora)

Valencia leaves: 2/20

Costaynes arrive in Joqla: 2/28 - there will need to be conversations with Victor, Rex, etc while they're all there.

Shadowmeres leave for Sanka: ??

Shadowmeres arrive in Sanka: 4/10

Costaynes leave Joqla: 3/?

Costaynes arrive in Gora: 3/?? going with 3/27 but this bit may change.

The final offensive against the Jin will kick off in April.

Ideas for people who might want in on this:

- Kidnapping Saia Sparrow (the profile's over in Retired Profiles somewhere) and forcing the last of the Jin cities to a treaty by holding the heiress to their people hostage.

- Appointing new lords to the two Jin cities.

- Dealing with Jin guerillas

Genna Costayne
01-31-2011, 04:30 PM

Costaynes leave Ovna, en route to Joqla: 2/17
Costaynes arrive in Gora: 3/27
Shadowmere leave Faeta, en route to Sanka: 3/23

The way I understand it now is that one of the Shadows will report to Jaeryth in Gora around... 3/28? Lazarus will be sending Athena to the Costayne court as representative right? Or someone else?

Then Jaer will dispatch one of the shadows after Saia and start that ball of madness rolling.

02-05-2011, 12:39 AM
I'm posting this here cause I am not sure how to do it and want some input: How do you break into a tree-city and steal the princess?

Saia can go out riding maybe? Or out on a boat? Some routine thing that gets her out of the treehouse and down on the ground. Or water. Then do a snatch and grab?

And 3/19 Costaynes are dropping by Orqua in Svavel for a day to talk with the neighbors.

3/27 talk to the assassin

Kidnap Saia: 4/12?

Lazarus Shadowmere
02-05-2011, 01:18 AM
Final itinerary for the Shadowmeres is as follows:

March 7th -- Leave for Svavel to meet with Lord Mallory. Laz will leave Fabian Forthwind in charge of the guild and the running of the house while he is gone.
March 16th -- Lazarus will arrive in Orqua.
March 17th -- Lazarus leaves Orqua for Sanka
April 14th -- Lazarus arrives in Sanka

Hermia Shadowmere
02-05-2011, 10:54 PM
Am I to assume that Mia is traveling with Laz during all of this?

02-05-2011, 11:11 PM
you assume correctly.

Jaeryth Costayne
06-06-2011, 10:31 PM
6/09: Costayne troops take Vyla
6/12: Jaeryth and co get back to Gora
6/13: Evelyn's arrival. Awkwardness. Feast and partyyy!!
6/14: Jaeryth, Ludovico, Lazarus, etc head for Solbra.
6/16: Fair winds and smooth sailing get them to port in Solbra a day early.

Evelyn, Josiane, Rowena, Arryk, Athena are staying in Gora.

06-06-2011, 11:26 PM
Also: I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon, and i won't be around for a couple weeks. If you want to plot or need to let me know you've opened a thread for Jaeryth or any other thing like that, you can email me. I'm not sure I'll be able to check it often, but maybe.

I'm empowering Summer with shadow-puppet control over Jaeryth should any gamemercencies show up and while I'm out of touch. So if you must have a Jaer-decision on something, or he /has/ to show up in some OMGIMPORTANT place while I'm gone, ask her.

Summer, he best be alive when I get home. :P

Jaeryth Costayne
07-09-2011, 01:54 PM
6/21 - Jaer and his group leave Solbra
6/24 - arrive in Gora
6/27 - Arryk and co sail north

Jaeryth Costayne
08-18-2011, 08:55 PM

7/1 - Letter from Castell arrives in Gora

7/2 - Ravens and messengers head out from Gora. Venarus returns to Vyla.

7/3 - Raven arrives in Ovna, summoning Stella Renate to Gora along with 2,000 of the Renate men.

7/4 - Raven arrives in Zaeva summoning 1,000 of the Mercado forces to Gora. Another arrives in Sina requesting Lord Lothston accompany his 2,000 men to Gora.

7/5- Raven arrives in Faeta to request 3,000 men sail north for Gora, 1,000 to sail east. Lord Venarus arrives in Vyla and prepares his 2,000 men to sail directly for eastern Svavel.

7/23-26 - ALL TROOPS sail for their ordered locations.

7/23 - 1,000 Costayne troops sail toward the southern coast of Svavel, namely the port village of Porta across from Joqla

7/28 - Ovna (Renate) and Zaeva (Mercado) troops arrive in Gora.

7/29 - Sina (Lothston) troops arrive in Gora. Combined Shadowmere and Vyla forces anchor off the coast south of Ryka to patrol the mouth of the Strom/Svavel channel. 1,000 Vylans under the command of Lord Venarus continue to Porta.

7/30 - Faeta (Shadowmere) troops arrive in Gora

* * *
8/6 - 1,000 Costayne troops reach Tiga
8/8 - 1,000 Venarus troops reach Tiga