View Full Version : People of House Ashpool & Of the Province Sanka

Travis Ashpool
09-28-2010, 11:14 AM
With Varian coming into the position of Lord, there is much to be done and many meetings to be had.

I figured this was easier than just PMing everyone, but basically...

-- Varian will need to have a meeting with his Banner Lords [I sent a letter about this]
-- There will probably be individual meetings along the way
-- Varian will be wanting to meet with all the siblings he had of his that were NOT in Vadra (ie: the warded ones) in private individually

If there are any plots you need or threads with Varian (from anyone actually) I suggest PMing me or Gchat. Basically, if you have any questions about the things up above I would suggest PMing me. And do PM me about the threads.

Also, Varian is open for meetings with any province lords as well.