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  1. Your Sins are no Secret (Auron/Alrik 7/12 Evening, Closed)
  2. So Much To Tell, and None of it Good (Aurora/Auron 7/13, morning)
  3. Boil the water and bring me some blankets! The baby is coming! 9/4, in the dead of night, Ara-Lynn/Marilynn, then anybody else on the vessel
  4. I know you don't love me...but I'm still your wife. Ara-Lynn/Kaedon, 9/9, Evening, closed
  5. Finding Allies in the Strangest Places [10/5, Aurelia/Briar]
  6. A Storm is Coming... Both in the Clouds and In My Life (Darryn/Open 10/7)
  7. Talk to Me Brother (Kaedon/Theodoric, 10/6, Afternoon)
  8. A Short Vacation (Leonard/Cadalie/Leonora/NPCs, 6/7 evening)