View Full Version : The Hunt and The Tea and the Ball

  1. The Hunt/Brunch & Tea Social: team and table designations
  2. And the Hunt Begins! 7:30 AM, 5/5, OPEN TO ALL MEN LISTED ON THE ROSTER
  3. Team YELLOW Hunting, 7:30 AM, 5/5, OPEN TO TEAM YELLOW
  5. Tea for Table One, 12:00 PM 5/5, OPEN TO EVERYONE AT TABLE ONE
  6. Tea for Table Two 12pm 5/5 - OPEN TO ALL AT TABLE TWO
  7. Tea for Table Three, 12PM, open to the ladies
  8. Team RED Hunting, 7:30 AM, 5/5, OPEN TO TEAM RED
  9. Team BLUE Hunting, 7:30 AM, 5/5, OPEN TO TEAM BLUE
  10. Tea for Table Four, 12:00 PM 5/5, OPEN TO EVERYONE AT TABLE FOUR
  11. Gypsy Hunting (May 5th 1pmish, Invitation by PM only)
  12. Mingling (Tea Room, Calli/Celeste/Naz/Aurora)
  13. A Marriage Prospect, Tea Room, 5/5 [Fallon/Ara-Lynn, and anybody else within earshot]
  14. Grand Ball Reception Line, 5/5, 7 PM. OPEN TO ALL!!! Post and say hi! Then make your own threads!
  15. Gypsy cat fight at the tea (open to all ladies at the tea)
  16. Dance Mix-Up (Open to All, Read OOC Note before posting)
  17. Sibling Chat (At the Ball, Celeste/Auron)
  18. A Dance of Secrets, 5/5, at the ball, [closed to Aurora/Rex]
  19. Two Peas in a Pod, 5/6 at the ball [closed to Rex/Madeline]
  20. Gypsy meeting (after the tea & hunt before the ball)
  21. Cornered in the Powder Room (Lorella/Renilde/Loralynn - Late Tea Time)
  22. A Dance, If You Please, Royal Ball, 5/5, evening, closed Alrik/Fallon
  23. Chatting at the Ball, OPEN
  24. A Dance of Temptation [Closed, Fletcher and Rosalie]
  25. Cousins at the Ball, Rhiannon/Fallon
  26. First Dance [Kaedon/Naz]
  27. A Dance, at the ball, Balthasar/Rhiannon
  28. Making Ladies [The Ball, 5/5, Theodoric/Jarvis, Closed]
  29. Mother and son [Renilde/Fletcher - Closed]
  30. A Husband in Deep Soup. [May 5, Closed: Fletcher & Lorrella]
  31. Old Acquiantances [Rosalie and Lorrella, Closed]
  32. End of the Ball Announcement, 5/5, end of the evening
  33. Wallflower (Aurora/Horatia)