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  1. In a new land that I plan to call home for the rest of my days... orchards in Tjuvar, 6/24/07, mid-morning, Doyle/Josephine/open to participants in Tjuvar
  2. Family Reunion, Doyle is introduced to his new clan open to O Ruaircs. Early evening of 6/24
  3. Silrvans are here! Evening of 6/23, grand evening ball and dinner in King Alrik's honor
  4. Looking for Trouble (Victor/Open 6/25 afternoon)
  5. Unusual Flora [Michael Miridian, Open to any, 6/25 Morning]
  6. Exploring the new city! Open to all in Tjuvar, morning/early afternoon of 6/27
  7. There's no place like the Tavern {Late afternoon (6/27) Open!/WARNING-STRONG LANGUAGE}
  8. MEDIC!!! {Late Afternoon (6/27) Edmond, Allistair, Alystra, Rex}